A woven heart pouch

Woven Heart Pouch

These woven heart pouches are a fun Valentine's Day craft.  Make them and then stuff them with candies.  You can even add a handle so you can have a small gift bag.  Young girls might like to use the heart as a purse. 

The weaving takes some co-ordination and patience, so this craft is best for older kids.

You will need:
1.  Two strips of paper cut to 3" x 8 1/2"

2.  Scissors

3.  Pencil

4.  Ruler

5.  A cup or rounded object (optional)

The supplies for the woven heart
Fold each piece of paper in half 1.  Fold each piece of paper in half.
Use a cup to draw a rounded edge. 2.  Draw a rounded edge on each piece of paper.  For neater results, use a cup or other rounded object and trace the edge.
Trim the edges 3.  Cut out the rounded edges.
Mark the lines 4.  Mark two line on one of the pieces of paper.  They should be 3 1/4" inches long.  Put the first one 1 inch  from the left edge, and the second line 2 inches from the left edge.
Tuck one paper into the other

Cut the paper

5.  Tuck one piece of paper into the other.  Hold them firmly together and cut along the two lines you just drew.  (You can cut them seperately, but this will save time and leave fewer marks on your pouch.)

Weave the strips of paper 6.  Take the first strand of paper.  Slip the edge through the first strand on the other piece.  Then slip it over the second strand.  Then slip it through the third strand.
Weave the second strand The second strand woven7.  Now take the second strand.  Slide it over the first strand of the other piece, then through, then over in a weaving pattern.  It can be a little hard to manuever the pieces of paper.  That is okay.  You can tug and bend as long as you are gentle.
Weave the third strand in place 8.  Take the third strand of the first sheet of paper.  Weave it through, then over, then through to complete the weaving.
The weaving will form a pouch inside 9.  The woven strands will form a little pouch!  Stuff if with candy or a little note. Add a handle and you will have a little purse.  Or make several, add handles and hang them as garlands- you can put in flowers to make even cuter decorations.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th., originally the feast day of the martyr St. Valentine.  In spite of the popluarity of his feast day, almost nothing is known about St. Valentine.  Even the link between his feast day the celebration of love is obscure and seems to have begun in the 15th century.

The beautiful, lacy, romantic Valentine cards that we know, became popluar in the 19th century.  The practice of sending notes on Valentine's Day quickly extended to sending flowers, candy, and jewelry.  Today, Valentines are still sent on February 14th.  Although they were once only associated with romance, it is now common for friends to exchange Valentines.


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