Folded Paper Box

These little boxes are a versatile craft.  They are perfect for party favors.  With ribbons and nametags, you can use them as place cards.  Add bows, and they are cute Christmas ornaments.

You can use any stiff paper such as construction paper or old wall paper samples.  We buy paper packs so that we always have pretty patterns and colors on hand. 

You will need:

1.  Ruler

2.  Pencil

3.  Tape

4.  5 inch paper square and a 4 3/4 inch paper square


A box with a bracelet draped in it
A white square with a ruler lying across it 1.  Line your ruler up diagonally between the corners of the paper.  Lightly mark a small line in the middle.  Repeat on the other side.  You will have a small X in the middle of the paper.  The center of the X is the center of the paper. A white square of paper with and X in the middle
A corner of the paper is folded up 2.  Fold each corner to the center of the paper.  Crease and leave folded. All of the corners are folded into the middle of the square
The top edge is folded into the middle 3.    Take one side of the square and fold it to the center.  Crease, and then open back up.  Repeat with the other three sides. All sides have been folded and opened
The two edges have been opened, forming wings 4.  Open two opposite sides of the square to form wings.  Cut in the creases on these wings just up to where they meet the still folded sides.  You will make two small tabs on each side. Cut the tabs
 The tabs are folded in to form a side for the box 5.  On one side, bring the two tabs together.  Fold the wing up and over the tabs to form a side of the box.  The edge is folded up and over the tabs for a clean look
 Repeat on the other side 6.  Repeat on the other side to form the other side of the box.

 Repeat these steps with the other square of paper. 

Congratulations!  You have finished the box.

Finished box with top and bottom 

This box isn't properly an oragami box since you cut the paper and tape it into place, but it can be a fun way introduce children to the art of paper folding. If you find that you like working with paper, try to make a mini gift bag or a woven bookmark.


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