3-D Star

This star is an eye-catching decoration. You will begin with five pieces of paper, make five segments, and then attach them all together. Use colored paper to match any theme or season. You can also use six segments to make a giant snowflake for Christmas.

You will need:

1.  Five paper squares.  If you use 8 1/2" squares,
the finished star will measure 18" across.

2.  Scissors

3.  Ruler

4.  Tape

5.  Stapler

Fold the paper from corner to corner
1.  Fold your first square in half digonally.
2.  Mark lines in a V, starting on the creased edge, and one inch in from the outer edge.  They shouldn't quite meet.
3.  Mark a second set of lines, one inch under the first set.  Again, they shouldn't quite meet.
4.  Carefully cut the lines.  Make sure you don't cut until they meet! 
  5.  Open your paper.
6.  Bring the two outer corners together and tape them in place.
7.  Take the corners from the next diamond.  Fold them in the opposite direction and tape them in place.
8.  Start at the corner of the diamond in the middle.  Roll it into a neat roll and tape it in place. 
  9.  Repeat steps 1-8 with your four remaining pieces of paper.  You should have five diamonds.
10.  Line up the bottom corner of each diamond.  Staple all five diamonds together.
11. Gently spread the diamonds.  Staple the middle corner of each diamond to the middle corner of the diamond next to it. 


The 3-D paper star lighted and casting a shadow



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