An unusual DIY ornament, this string cylinder has a fresh, funky vibe.

This paper Rudolph is a perfect holiday craft for kids.

This stunning ornament looks intricate and delicate, but in fact, you can make it in less than an hour.

This colorful wreath also serves as an Advent calendar. There is one present attached for every day of Advent. Fill the little boxes with scripture verses and treats and open one each day when you light your Advent candles.

This little stocking is lovely hanging on a tree or from a mantle. It is a real stocking so you can stuff it with little treats.

These ornaments are made from a dough similar to salt dough but the recipe uses cinnamon instead of flour. The dough exudes a spicy, delightful fragrance.

Coffee dough gives these ornaments a beautiful and unusual texture.

Every mom decorates with handprint turkeys at Thanksgiving. Here is a dressier version; it includes several handprints and a footprint. It is just as fun to make as the classic version and just as cute.

These clever cookie and candy turkeys make perfect toppers for Thanksgiving cupcakes.

Every refrigerator needs a handprint turkey for Thanksgiving. Here is one that is a little bit different from the classic hand print cut out, but just as cute.

Give your cupcakes Thanksgiving flair with these little Pilgrim hats.

Making a cookie into a "lollipop" is an easy way to add fun and pizzazz to cookie baking.

Cute and tasty, these little turkeys are a perfect fall craft. Use popcorn balls for the bodies and make the tails and heads with candy.

This pumpkin made from Rice Krispy treats makes a cute edible centerpiece.

A few extra touches turn a classic popcorn ball into a tasty and scary Halloween treat!

This adorable hat is a quick and easy project. Knit it up in bright colors and you won't believe how cute it is on Baby!

If you love gingerbread houses, don't wait until Christmas to get out your cookie cutters and frosting. Make a cute haunted house for Halloween. It is just as fun and just as delicious!

This autumn leaf pattern makes a quick and easy decoration for the fall season.

Add a beautiful glow to your home this fall with this "stained glass" candle holder. Shhh.... It's really made from paper and crayons.

Make a whole swarm of these paper bats and hang them from the ceiling or in a window for an awesome Halloween craft vibe.


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