Make a bunch of beautiful, blooming lilies using paper handprints and pipe cleaners. It makes a pretty bouquet for Mom or Grandma.

Use colorful handprints to make a tulip bouquet in this craft. It is a perfect way to decorate a card or a picture for Mom or Grandma.

A little hand print is the tree and hearts are the flowers on this adorable card. It is a perfect card for Mom or Grandma this Mother's Day.

Your mother will love this little purse. Use her favorite colors to make this Mother's Day card and write a sweet message inside.

This caterpillar cake is perfect for any spring party. Use one cupcake for each guest.

Turn a milk jug into decoupage storage dispenser for plastic grocery bags.

This craft illustrates how to use rubber bands to make striped Easter eggs.

The spring blossom tree is a fun craft. Children will love that they can munch on popcorn and use it to make "blossoms" on their tree.

This cute and crawly paper caterpillar is a perfect spring craft.

This Japanese technique turns a ball of plain mud into a piece of art.

You won't have any trouble convincing children to eat these carrots!

Jelly bean eggs rest in a delicious cookie basket.

You'll be surprised how easy it is to make scratch lottery cards. The prizes are up to you!

This card is a perfect way to give cash. Fold a dollar bill (or a 5, 10 or 20 dollar bill) into a heart and use it to decorate the card.

Breadsticks aren't Irish, but they do taste good with beer and corned beef. Shape them into shamrocks and sprinkle them with green sugar or salt and they are a tasty St. Patrick's Day treat.

Body bon bons are a decadent treat for your skin. They look like chocolates but they are really luxurious lotion, perfect for a pampering massage!

Make your own all natural, soothing, chocolatey lip balm with just three ingredients!

Brightly colored pasta is a must have for kiddie crafts and counting and sorting games.

Birdseed wreaths are a pretty way to attract birds to your yard. They also make good gifts - perfect for the Christmas season.

Tuck one of these baking soda tablets under the seat of your car. The baking soda absorbs odor and the essential oils subtly release your favorite scent.


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