Cut Rice Krispy Treats into blocks and build a castle for a fun summer time treat.

These huge kisses are made from molded krispy Treats. This is a fun craft for Valentine's Day.

Use plastic eggs to mold Krispy Treats into Easter eggs. Fill them with jelly beans for a special treat.

Use salt dough and a handprint to make this cute Santa Claus ornament for your Christmas tree.

Use handprints to make a candle, a sunflower, or a heart. Decorate cards or pictures with these handprint objects or just make them during fingerpaint play time.

These red, white, and blue layered treats will be the "star" of the party! Just a few extra steps turn regular Rice Krispy treats into the perfect 4th of July snacks.

Popsicle stars are quick, easy, and cheap. Use them to show your patriotic spirit this 4th of July.

Do you need some quick decorations for your 4th of July cook out? These lanterns add a quick pop of color and are so easy to make that the kids can help!

Decorate for Independence Day with this paper wreath. Add some red, white, and blue to your home.

Use glue and scrap paper to refurbish an old picture frame with patriotic colors and an intriguing texture. Then frame a favorite print in red, white, and blue!

Give a little flair to an otherwise simple gift bag by adding a tie and a pocket. It is the perfect way to wrap a gift for Father's Day.

This card not only looks like a pocket, it has a pocket! Tuck in an extra special message or a gift card.

This wallet card is a perfect way to give a gift card or cash. The stitching adds a unique, authentic touch.

An adorable gift or a decoration for a baby shower, this creeping, crawling caterpillar carries a bunch of diapers!

A diaper cake is a stunning centerpiece for a baby shower or a delightful gift to a new mom. Just like the name implies, this confection is made from diapers.

This banner is a cute way to decorate for a baby shower or a first birthday. Make it as long as you like by adding more paper onesies and choose the baby's favorite colors.

This baby carriage card is an adorable way to send congratulations to new parents.

This easy recipe uses Kool-Aid to color and scent salt dough. Make several colors and it will keep the kids entertained for hours.

What is cuter than a onesie? This onesie shaped card is perfect for a baby shower or a first birthday.

This butterfly's wings are made from two brightly colored handprints. Just add the body and antennae to make an adorable butterfly!


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