Easy, but realistic, even 7 and 8 year olds can make these roses.

You can quickly make this non-toxic play dough with ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

These cute little bunnies are perfect Easter decorations. You can even use them instead of Easter baskets.

Woven heart pouches are a fun Valentine's Day craft. Stuff them with candies, or add a handle for a small gift bag.

This giant paper star is an impressive, eye-catching decoration.

Little paper rose flowers that are quick and easy to make, great for decorating packages or table settings.

These colorful paper lanterns are a festive decoration and easy to make.

This little paper fan is a fun craft that young children will enjoy.

A paper, rock, and scissors is almost all you need to make this cute little mouse. This craft is easy enough for most kids, although it can get sticky! Once you've tried this cute, white mouse, try to make a pink piggie or a bunny rabbit.

A tasty craft! Delicious on their own, or cute on top of cupcakes!

These colorful little boxes are an ever-so-useful craft. Use them to wrap gifts, decorate your tree, or as a creative place card!

This bag is for small gifts. Choose a paper that will make it match the occasion.


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