These cute trees are quickly stitched or glued together from felt. Stuff them with Kisses or Peppermints, and they make good party favors or small gifts.

Drop one of these "bombs" into your bath for a fizzy, fragrant soak.

Who can resist homemade chocolate cookies? And this version comes with a lovely cookie jar.

This lacy ornament looks lovely on a Christmas tree.

This hat is an unexpectedly rugged style for a toddler and that makes it all the more adorable.

This pair of popcorn snowmen will add a cute touch to your holiday table.

Knot string to make this colorful bracelet.

Completely edible! Roses have never been so delicious!

These lovely gift tags showcase delicious herbs! Use your favorite herbs to make the leaf rubbings.

Make lovely "stained glass" with wax paper and crayons.

These popcorn balls are a perfect treat for fall.

Use a few simple fold to create a 3-D flower. Use it to decorate a card for Mother's Day or a birthday.

These beads are so pretty, you will be surprised at how easy they are to make.

This unusual bracelet is crocheted from wire. The beads add a colorful and funky flair.

You can make this shiny sun catcher with just a few safety pins, glass beads, and wire. Use it as a sun-catcher in the summer or a Christmas ornament in the winter.

Transform an inexpensive wire hanger into an attractive, non-slip hanger.

Make this little box to hold your treasures.

Cute, original, easy to wear, warm, and small enough to tuck into your pocket!

Don't have Playdough? You can make your own dough in just a few minutes!

These woven bookmarks are a perfect craft for any book lovers. Make a bunch, and you will never have to search for your page again!


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